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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-12 18:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: question on grieving

>I lost my good friend Jonesy last Friday. He was one of 5 cage mates, so I
>let them all see Jonesy's body so that they would have closure and not wonder
>where he disappeared to. His brother Fiesty appears to have handled him
>being gone just fine. My problem is now with my 4 year old Gidget. She
>seems to be grieving for Jonesy even though they had never really appeared to
>be that close. She is not eating (at least that I can see), she wants to
>sleep all the time, when out to play she runs to where Jonesy used to sleep
>and curls up there and sleeps. Today she started grinding her teeth and has
>developed really bad smelling breath so I started her on Pepcid. She does not
>want to be held and refuses to look at me when I do hold her.
>Can anyone give me advise on how to help my grieving little girl? I would be
>devastated if I lose another of my little ones.

To be safest get to the vet. Bad breath combined with grinding could
indicate ulcers and stress can worsen those. If that is the case she
needs a routine better suited to fixing those.

Lots of love and having things that smell like Jonesy will help over
time, esp. the lots of love and attention.