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From: Joanne D'Amico
Date: 2001-07-12 22:14:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Bo's Helicobacter

I wonder if the battle over getting the Pepto into Bo is worth the
stress. If I might, I'd like to pass along a great thing one of our
rescue group taught me, which has worked wonderfully well for three of
mine, including one who was undergoing chemotherapy. Get some Slippery
Elm Bark capsules at the local Health Food store, open and mix about 1/8
in some water or any other liquid Bo likes. It should get ... slippery,
like jello before it sets. Give it about 30 minutes before a meal, or
anytime in between, 3 or 4 times a day. It soothes and helps "coat" the
GI tract, and mine take it as is without a fuss.

As for the ulcers and eating, Bo may have ulcers all the way up into his
esophagus or mouth - even the Flagyl could have upset his stomach. And
if he is throwing up, the stomach acids could have irritated things as
well. So try small amounts of soft foods that he likes - maybe wet his
normal food, or even make a warm mush out of it, adding some Hills A/D,
chicken baby food, Duck Soup, or (my personal favorite) Bob C's Chicken
Gravy. I hide the meds in the Duck Soup or Bob C's, too - no fighting,
mine scarf it down. And it "buffers" the effects of the Flagyl on the GI
tract. We have weathered ECE, ulcers, chemo, and a host of other crises
that way. Best wishes for Bo's speedy recovery !!!