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Date: 2001-07-12 23:00:00 UTC
Subject: Dr.Williams :Rascal update

Hi Dr.Williams
I'm sure you read alot of posts or here.So please allow me to refresh
your memory on Rascal.
This post was the last week of May.Rascal had gotten out of the house
and returned home a few days later with the double fractured leg.
Maybe you'll remember this I
Well I wanted to "Thank you" again for your help and tell you that he
is doing wonderfully.100% better than I expected at the time of
prognosis.He can again run like the wind,dance with the best of them,
and is back to his playful self.He is not really walking with a
noticeable limp and from what I can tell from looking at his leg it
isn't much shorter than his good leg.
I wanted to let you know how he's doing and we both,Rascal and
I,wanted to "thank you".
Fran,Rascal and the rest of the fuzzgang.