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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-13 12:44:00 UTC
Subject: VET or endocrinologist input needed here! Was Re:
[Ferret-Health-list] ADV Surgery

>Sukie wrote:
>>I thought that Alicia had prior knowledge of the ferret and that left
>>must have already come out completely and she knew that. Certainly,
>>among our's, we've seen Lefts with swollen vulvas, and Rights
>>without, and visa versa through the years. Have not noticed any
>>reliable pattern here; since the effect is systemic no matter which
>>side is involved, would differences in symptoms be possible (other
>>than ones that reflected effects upon the Vena Cava or liver due to
>Good day al!! I believe Sukie , If you and the list readers will check
>into the archives this is stated by none other than FHL's Dr Bruce
>Williams. It has also been the case in multiple cases at the
>shelter. Right sided or bi- lateral involvement which of course means the
>right adrenal is affected.
>If you read further it is stated that adrenal affected male ferrets with
>prostate complication are also either bi-lateral, or right side affected
>adrenals. I know we have lots of medical information to sort through each
>day-- but this seems a point that should be significant to owners and
>caretakers when considering treatment options.
>and many ferrets at Ferret Wise

Looked. Can't find that statement. Found was one in which a left
adrenal had already been removed with symptoms remaining so the reply
was that remaining symptoms meant the right had a problem, but if the
reply was read without reading the attached original letter that
wasn't immediately clear. Would appreciate knowing which number post
it is, so that I can read it.

Certainly, if this is so, it would sometimes make life easier in
terms of timing how to jump, but I haven't seen it here and I don't
see how it would be the case biologically. Would appreciate if the
vets would educate us all on this score. Would be great to have such
a sign. Is a swollen vulva indicative or more indicative) of an
adrenal tumor on the right side rather than the left? Are prostate
complications more common with right adrenal growths? We've had
about 50/50 here on that.

Have a question of my own: can type or degree of symptoms indicate
that a growth is more likely to be seen on both sides rather than be
from one very active tumor site? (I could see where bilaterals might
pump out more estrogen than a unilateral of the same size, but don't
know if a very active single one might manage as much of an effect.)