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From: Linda Proulx
Date: 2001-07-12 14:28:00 UTC
Subject: Trouble urinating with cardio

Hi all. One of my little rescues was diagnosed with
Cardiomyopathy on Monday. Well after given two Lasix
injections he is now showing signs of trouble urinating.
First it will take him about 2 minutes to actually go. He
will keep backing up from one corner to the other but will do
nothing. After urinating he will be completely wiped out.
The hair on his tail is thin but we are not sure if it is due
to adrenal or to the rash on his back which will not heal
either(ear mites). A skin scrape was done but showed nothing.
And he has had earmites for a while. We have treated him
with Eradimite and frontline. Neither have worked. Could I
maybe give him a bath in something like oatmeal? Any
recommendations on this would be great. But back to the
original part of my post. We have another appointment(second
this week) with the vet today for the urination trouble. I
was wondering if any one has had any lucky with Casodex after
the prostate problem is there. Would it help him without
having to have him risk surgery? I am really worried about
quality not quantity. If the Casodex does/will not work is
there anything else I can give him? Please ANY ideas at all
throw them my way. I AM DESPERATE. Thank you all in advance
for help.

Linda and the furry ones
The Dook-N-Dance Ferret Shelter
110 Harbord Drive
Midway Park, NC