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From: - Z -
Date: 2001-07-13 13:17:00 UTC
Subject: hind limb weakness

I'm curious about something-- we know that hind limb weakness is
symptomatic of a number of things in ferrets. But what really causes
the hind limb weakness? Is it muscular deterioration, nerve damage,
loss of bone density, or ?? ?

I ask because I wonder if there's any kind of physical therapy that
can help hold the weakness at bay. I know that because it is a
symptom of other things, it can't be "cured." I'm just hoping
there's a way to help preserve Amelia's mobility as her insulinoma
progresses-- she's still fine on carpet, but I'm seeing more sliding
on wood floors now, and her hindquarters are starting to slant
downwards more than they ought. Stairs, which are bare wood in our
house, are utterly out of the quetion. If doing any kind of
exercises with her would help give her rear end more muscular
support, I would gladly do that with her.

On a cheerier note, my post has given me the mental image of an
aerobics for senior ferrets class, with some poor harried instructor
trying to get a couple dozen set-in-their-ways elderly ferrets to
follow along with the routine :-)


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