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From: sharon allen
Date: 2001-07-13 13:40:00 UTC
Subject: one post adrenal, one on the way?

My almost 4 year old male sable Toby came through
adrenal surgery last month with flying colors. It was
his left adrenal, all is healing, and his fur is
starting to come back and quickly, too. Now I am
seeing that his cagemate, Lucy, is starting to thin at
the nape of her neck the way Toby did! I can see the
wrinkles of her nape the way I first noticed Toby. Am
I losing my mind, or could this be happening again;
and to his cagemate? Are there any studies on this?
Also, Lucy has insulinoma; if she is adrenal, what
complications can the surgery do? Thank you all in


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