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From: Amber
Date: 2001-03-02 15:07:00 UTC
Subject: Mating Behavior?

I have a question regarding the mating behavior of male ferrets.
Chance is about 8 months old and is a MF. Lately he has been getting
aggressive towards our 3 girls, but one imparticular. Chance will get
into the hammock with Pika and pull on her neck, ears, nose, pretty
much any part of her face/head. He will also *pin* her down while in
the hammock. Pika seems to become irritated and will dook and chirp
loudly. When they are out playing Chance follows Pika around and
won't leave her alone. He has always been her "puppy-dog" but it's
become more apparent.
Are any of these mating behaviors? It seems to have come up pretty
quickly. I'm worrying that he wasn't properly neutered and is getting
some of that *lovin' feeling*! Can anyone offer any insight?