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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-13 14:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: To Sukie/pred after dbl. Adrenal

>Solita had a dbl. cryo surgery 4 months ago.While still on Florinef (not
>sure why) she was weaned OFF pred after 3 weeks...(had Phoenix small
>mammal panel & estrodial taken today)
>You say pred "forever?" Why? Bruce knows she's no longer on it.....[or
>did,Bless him!!!]
>Also... Bruisers tumor has returned:(
>( FHL'S Home Page Poster child,and my baby) We are
>heartbroken....Thinking of chemo &/or radiation,now...comments??
>Tara...grabbing at straws:(

Pred and Florinef (or an alternative which begins with a "P" but
which name I forget right now) forever with a COMPLETE double
adrenalectomy. That's the essential qualification. Many, many times
some adrenal tissue remains even with bilateral surgery (as has
happened with our Seven of Six, but not with our Ashling). It
doesn't take a lot remaining to replace the needed adrenal products.

Nothing for you to worry about; if she's got a bit of retained tissue
so is doing well without it ( a situation which is not unusual) then
that's just easier for all. Ask Ashling whenever I give her
Pediapred! :-) She really hates the stuff but she thrives on those
two meds and still regularly climbs well over our heads. Boss
weasel, that's little girl Ling-ling... Okay, that was repetitious
since Ling-ling means "little girl" *IF* I recall right; when she is
too scheming or too bossy she is called "Asher-dancer".