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Date: 2001-07-13 13:59:00 UTC
Subject: 14 wk ferret with abdominal mass

The pet store next door to my office gave me a ferret yesterday.
They noticed a mass in her belly and didn't feel comfortable selling
her. I took her to our local vet today. She was very nice and
admitted that she has very little ferret experience. She had a book
on exotic animals she referred to. The only suggestion she came up
with is that possibly this little girl is pregnant. ("She feels just
like a pregnant cat.") Now, the odds don't seem very good for that,
she's very young and not only she but one of her cage mates would
have to have not been fixed. We ended up with a wait and see for a
few weeks. The vet seems to be open to learning. She suggested an x-
ray, but is there any other tests we should do? She is eating good,
pooping and peeing normally and is running and playing normally too.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Debbie S.