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From: Sonya Grable
Date: 2001-07-13 16:32:00 UTC
Subject: URGENT!! - Possibly in shock & anemic???

I received a message from a friend today. I wrote to post to
this list and sent subscription info. I haven't heard anything
back, yet, so decided to go ahead and post myself. it doesn't
sound good.
**PLEASE send replies to me so I can forward them and there
won't be any lag-time waiting for any sent to the list. Of
course, info can be sent to both me and the list.**
A ferret was taken two days ago to have a lump on the neck
tapped. The vet was told that the ferret is feisty. He said it
(ferret) would be OK. When my friend got the ferret back it
was in shock - "just laying there, eyes open, white (should be
pink) nose, cold nose and X wouldn't move." Nobody from the
vet's office will tell my friend what was done, what happened,
etc. My friend was told that the ferret was "a little
stressed". The lump wasn't responding to antibiotics and
that's why it was tapped. It has gone down some since then.
What can my friend do for the ferret in the meantime and what
should be done by a vet??? I'm thinking heating pad (not
electric), warm fluids, possibly blood and/or oxygen, and
another friend suggested a shot of Dex.
Someone *please* help! Thanks.