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From: Linda Proulx
Date: 2001-07-13 14:34:00 UTC
Subject: ferret mauled by dogs

We got in a little blaze girl yesterday evening that had been
attacked by dogs. She is miraculously still alive but has a
critical condition. At the moment she is in somewhat stable
condition. We took her into the Emergency Clinic about 3
hours away as there are none in this area. She was started on
an IV with antibiotics. She had a fever of 104.6. Blood work
was done and thank God came back fine. She was sedated and
shaved to see the full extent of external injuries. She is
just one big bruise from the middle of her ribs down to the
base of her tail with numerous bite wounds. X-rays revealed
that she had no broken bones which is another miracle. But
she has two hernias. For those that are not familiar with a
hernia. Her intestines are bulging(as if she was swollen) out
on her sides. One is near her right hip. The other is up
near the kidney near the spine. She has no back injuries that
are visible. She can walk. Yesterday before the trip to the
vet she had very bloody poops. She has a broken tooth at the
gum line. The color of her gums were white but have since
pinkened up. She will need exploratory surgery either today
or as soon as the vet determines her stable enough. The
emergency clinic costs so far are totaled to about $400.00.
This does not include the surgery or long expected recovery.
I know that none of you know me personally but we are a
non-profit shelter (and willing to prove with EIN if
necessary) that is just starting up. We currently do not have
any moneys coming as we are just going public. There are
sleepy sacks on the website that will go toward her care.
Also below is the name and address of the Emergency Clinic as
well as the veterinarian that will be doing the surgery. The
account at the emergency clinic will be under Linda Proulx.
The one for the regular vet will be under Ferret Guardian
Rescue Haven. If you write a check please put Sweet Miracle
in the For area of the check. Thank you one and all for the
help or prayers that you can give.

Animal Emergency Clinic Of Cary
220 High House Road
Cary, NC
Fax- 1-919-468-6338

Northwood's Animal Hospital
980 Northwood's Drive
Cary, North Carolina
Linda and the furry ones
The Dook-N-Dance Ferret Shelter
110 Harbord Drive
Midway Park, NC