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Date: 2001-07-13 10:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 285

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<< One of the things ADV can do is interfere with the blood's ability to
clot. I do not know the technical explanation, but I do know from
experiences with my own ferrets that it does not show up in the
normal pre-op bloodwork vet's usually do. That is to say, it is not
because of a low platelet count and although it has something to do
with the effect ADV has on the liver, it does not show up in the
liver enzymes >> Danee D
I think I know what this may be. In humans there is a clotting disorder
that does not show up as having less factor (as with hemoph.) called Lupus
Anticoagulant. Initially this was a blood condition acquired over time in
Lupus patients from having extended immune problems. Later it was also found
in conjunction with AIDS, still later they found it as a transient problem in
some people with severe, chronic illnesses. Its an odd phenomenon in that
this may not occur in very sick people, but then may crop up in say someone
that has had pretty severe, and long lasting sinus infections. You just
never know. With this condition you find that the PT is not elavated but the
PTT is. Clotting time when you do a bleeding test is not always extended.
This makes surgery really tricky... as just adding factor will not stop the
hemoraging. I don't know if this condition happens in animals. Its just a


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