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Date: 2001-07-13 10:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: distemper vaccines

4) Take the day off from work and observe your ferret for the next 8
hours after the injection. - Chris

I can't empasize this one enough. I gave benedryl to my one ferret Laddie,
and he was fine. Then hours later he had problems breathing, etc. I had to
give him more benedryl,etc. I still had to watch him into the night as he
acted "odd". It was very scary. And I was a bit shocked at the delayed
reaction (I guess it came out when the initial benedryl wore off). Then
there was this other ferret that did the same thing but to a much lesser
degree. With her it was over 2 hours after the vaccine, with benedryl still
in her system. kinda wild huh? So now I do like Chris says and hang around
the house the whole day juuuuust in case.


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