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From: shelly palmer
Date: 2001-07-13 17:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] fish and ferrets

Zoinks. I don't know if your would be ferret will eat
the fish but he sure will make a huge mess. I would
not advise this unless you can get the fish tank
somewhere up high where the ferret has NO chance of
climing up to it.

My experience is ferrets will play like there is no
tomorrow if you leave a glass or bowl of water near
by. I love to do it for fun!!

Good luck!

Shelly in FW
--- CandiceBush@a... wrote:
> >Does anyone else have fish and a ferret. I just
> want to make sure that
> >I am not going to get a ferret and then it is going
> to eat my roommates
> >fish. The fish sits on a low coffee table in the
> living room... so it
> >would be easily assessable for a ferret. Thank you
> for any advice in
> >advance.
> Even worse, a ferret can drown, even in small bowl,
> if he goes diving.
> cb

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