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Date: 2001-07-14 03:37:00 UTC
Subject: Simethicone?

When Yogi was gradually fading with multiple problems he had chronic upset
stomach. We treated with everything the vet said, plus got an acupuncturist
and herbalist involved. I also added a small a small amount of simethicone
whenever I could hear the bubbly rumbling that often preceded vomiting.
Overall something worked so that in the last few months of his life, he
rarely vomited and always ate well. Do any of you use simethicone as part of
the treatment for ferrets with GI upset? In humans it has almost no side
effects. What it does is change surface tension of liquids to eliminate gas
bubbles. I've wondered about suggesting it to others with sick ferts, but
have refrained since I've not heard of it being used beyond Yogi's experience.