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Date: 2001-07-14 03:40:00 UTC
Subject: Can a ferret have asthma?

Hi Everyone, My little girl Cleo sometimes have little attacks
where it
appears as if she is having problems breathing. All of a sudden she
start gasping and shaking (because she gets so frightened). When
this happens
I hold her in my arms and gently rub her chest and back. After a
few minutes
she calms down and usually wants a drink of water. I worry about her
when we
are not home. A vet once told me that she was allergic to dust, but
attacks happen only in the evening, so I find it hard to believe
that it is
always dust related. I worry about Cleo because she is very
emotional too and
these attacks scare her terrible. What do you think could be causing

Maureen & Cleo