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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-14 08:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: When to do Adrenal Surgery?

Steph wrote:
<I would think that a vet would want to examine
your ferret before doing
surgery. He is going to want to make sure what is
wrong with your ferret
and that it is healthy enough to undergo surgery.<

Of course my vet would examine Cedes before doing
surgery. I said that. My vet does schedule some
surgeries but also takes them as needed. I would
call ahead and put him on the schedule before I
took him in. If surgery wasn't agreed to, he
would be removed from the schedule. Lord knows,
they get enough emergencies to fill in any
cancellations. Every vet office is different. I
know that adrenal surgeries are extensive, I've
been through several sitting right there during
the whole surgery. I know the deal with
ultrasounds. Let me try to ask my question a
different way so that maybe it will be more clear.

My question had nothing to do with diagnosing
adrenal or how my vet schedules surgeries. I am
postitive that Cedes is adrenal. My question is
this....when is the best time to do surgery? When
it is attempted too early, even with obvious
symptoms, sometimes the affected adrenal is very
difficult to locate because the tumor hasn't grown
very much. If you wait too long, boys can develop
prostate problems. I want to go right in
between. The ultrasound suggestion was because
sometimes they can get a visual prior to surgery.
I also have never had one done for adrenal. I
would rather put the money towards the actual
surgery. Bloodwork is normally done just prior to
surgery so that has no bearing on scheduling the

I never suggested that I didn't trust my vet to
know when to do surgery. I have also discussed
all of this with my vet. Just asking the list for