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From: weezul
Date: 2001-03-02 15:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Frenetic nibbling


Our little albino is the only one of our 6 who does
the "frenetic nibbling" routine!

She doesn't hurt, just literally nibbles frantically
along our arms or - much to my husband's annoyance -
along his thigh, pulling out hairs!


owned by 6

> Since our revered moderator seems to consider ferret
> ethology as being
> on-topic for the group, I have a behavioral question
> of my own: how
> many of you have ferrets that engage in "frenetic
> nibbling"? I found
> this term in one of Fara Shimbo's FURO books, and it
> sounds like an
> appropriate description of something Pogey often
> did, though Ms. Shimbo
> didn't say what *she* meant by the term. Pogey
> would press her muzzle
> against my arm (or other exposed skin) and rapidly
> click her teeth
> together, just grazing the skin. Normally this was
> perfectly harmless,
> though sometimes she would pick a spot where the
> skin is a little
> looser, and accidentally catch a fold in a painful
> little nip.
> Do any of your ferrets do this to you? Do any of
> them do it to other
> ferrets?
> Brett
> *SLMW 1.0* "Ferrets don't explode, you say?" -- J.
> Cleese

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