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Date: 2001-07-14 16:23:00 UTC
Subject: looking at Toby and Lucy

As I sat in the ferret room with my five fuzzbutts, I watch Toby play,
with his fur on the way back in; and Lucy play, with her fur on the
way out. I am curious; in December when we rescued Peter, we did not
know that he had been stolen from a pet store. Subsequently, despite
isolation from the others, my other four developed ECE and
Heliclobactor. Echo and Tally, who share a cage, recovered smoothly on
medicine and lots of love(and duck soup too.) Toby and Lucy took a
bit more; they lost the most weight, and I was administering meds,
subq fluids, chicken baby food, etc.

In my roundabout rambling way I am wondering, could this have begun
the adrenal spark? Lucy also has insulinoma, has had it 18 months and
is doing well on Pred still. Anyway, could their overt stress when ill
sent signals to develop this, as often the case in humans too? Toby's
tumor was benign and encapsulated. If Lucy is indeed adrenal, as I
suspect, what complications will the insulinoma throw in?

Please excuse the long post; and accept my thanks for anyone's advice
ahead of time.