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Date: 2001-07-14 16:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: drugs, dosages, and the pink book

Christopher and I have been conversing off-line. I never read
katherine's posts so my comment was not directed at her.

> Your story about dog owners not bringing their pets to
> the vet in time to save them is tragic, but common I'm afraid.

For goodness sake, if you know someone who is like me (I have a
bigger ferret heart than my wallet) and you want to help them, buy
them a the pink book or Dr. Purcell's book
( For less than $50, you
are probably protecting yourself from getting sued by an angry ferret
owner or being confronted by a local veterinary licensing board.
Otherwise, you have to weigh the liability you are willing to expose
yourself to given your situation. That $50 could be mighty cheap

We here in the states have a commercial where a guy stays at a
certain motel chain. Because he was smart enough to stay at *that*
motel chain, he is next seen in an operating room performing surgery
("Are you a surgeon? No, but I stayed at xxx motel last night."). We
chuckle at the commercial. But isn't that what is happening when a
layperson reads something on this list and applies it to property (a
ferret) owned by another person?

Drs. Williams, Purcell, Murray, Ruth, and every other vet on this
list deserve a huge thank you for the information they provide.
Posting a question on this list is getting many opinions (and not
just from vets) for free. We are all grateful for that.