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Date: 2001-07-14 21:39:00 UTC
Subject: Cholodin

Dr Williams or other great minds,
My ferret,George was put on Cholodin for liver failure about 3 years
ago.And a few others since him have as well been on this med for the
same reasones.Bloodwork was done on each of the four on this med.The
vet only told me it was high liver enzines was the reason for it to
be done.They have thrived from deaths door on this medication.
But I now have moved my shelter & the new vet doesn't know about
Cholodin,what it's used for,ect.I can go back to my old vet & get
some more(almost out).I told my new vet what the old vet told me but
he still would like to hear it from you.And he's joining this list so
that he can get much needed advice from you.
Can you tell me anything on this medication?