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From: Terri Cummins
Date: 2001-07-14 22:21:00 UTC
Subject: Requesting vet input on electrolite levels

Goliath is our 4+ yr.old male sable, and a bilateral
adrenal furkid. His second adr. surgery was cryo
(done by Dr. Weiss, in NM) 6 mos. ago - cells were
left on the right side. He bounced back quickly, grew
a new winter coat, and has been on no meds since Dr.
Weiss' post surgery regiment. Only a slight weight
loss which we are "cautiously" attributing to summer.
He is one, of only 3, bilateral ferrets in our small
community. All 3 have had different results (of
course), therefore our vet is learning as we are. We
are requesting any suggestions, or opinions on
Goliath's electrolyte levels.
The (blood) results on 7/13/01 were the following:

Na 161.1 mmol/l
K 5.70 mmol/l
Cl 124.1 mmol/l

{Additional note: Although his were non-cancerous
adrenal growths & the pancreas were clean - due to his
age, we had planned a full blood panel. We didn't get
enough blood this time, but Goliath is very sensitive
to isoflourine and so we chose to wait & try again
later without gas.}

Thank you in advance for your help, Terri
and the fuzzy bunch: Boomer, Goliath, Bailey,
Jazmine, & Echo; & Boomer's cat, Dusty :o)

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