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Date: 2001-07-15 00:56:00 UTC
Subject: Continued Diarrhea

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the treatment and fifi's
continuing diarrhea. She has been with us a week and has had diarrhea
since. Today it has started to become very mucussy, but for the most
part it has been grainy. She saw the vet and was prescribed a 1 ml
solution of pepto bismol mixed with an eigth of a 250mg tablet of
Floxyl. He concluded that her stomach was off because of a poor diet
and the unsanitary conditions she had lived in. She is showing no
signs of illness other than the diarrhea, in fact, she seems to have
gotten a little stronger and more active since we brought her home.
An initial test for parisites and such in her fecces turned up
negative but the sample was old, luckily she gave them a fresh one,
yet our vet does not seem to think that it will turn up anything.


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