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Date: 2001-07-15 04:00:00 UTC
Subject: Suggestions needed---possible hemangiosarcoma

I have an older male ferret, Sneakers, who has a very aggressive
tumor growing on his prepuce. I first found this on Tuesday morning,
when it was the size of a very small pea and it looked like a blood
blister. It is now almost the size of a golf ball and you can almost
see it growing. He can still urinate.
My vet did a needle biopsy, which became a needle aspriation,
drawing out 3 cc.s of almost pure venous blood, with very few other
cells in it. NO bacteria was detected. He feels it is inoperable
and is most probably hemangiosarcoma, especially since it is growing
so quickly. He is hoping his diagnosis is wrong and would love to
hear some suggestions as to (1) what other doctors think it might be,
and (2) any suggested treatments. Basically, at this point, Sneakers
is home with me, waiting to die.
I have posted three pictures in the file section, all labeled
Just in case it isn't cancer, he is on .15 injectable Baytril
twice a day. Please, any suggestions? Time is of the essence here,
of course.
Thank you.

Lynda (Razz) and the crew