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Date: 2001-07-15 08:06:00 UTC
Subject: Its finally here... it doesn't get better than this folks.

::the mist rises, and a motor is heard. Ferrets appear from all over in the
mist. But where is that sound comming from? Finally you hear its from above
you. And you look up to see a red form. It flies and then hovers straight
up over your head. Then it lowers,,, lowers... lowers... a ferret nips your
feet, than another. But of course they are trying to tell you to step back.
The wagon harrier makes its landing in front of you. A robed woman gets off
the wagon. White depends spill about the ground, and the ferrets play among
them. She approaches you ... slowly.... the holds out her hand with
something you've long, long awaited for::
Greetings. I give you words from a Dr. long respected here. Words from
someone that has not spoken very much, or released prior information on a
serious plight with our ferrets. We have long awaited words from Dr
Stephenson about ADV. The doctor that has done all the actual research. And
I promise you it is incredible. Take this... save it, print it, treasure it:
Thank you to Dr Stephenson for this. Thank you Judy G for bringing the
information forth, and thank you Kat Parsons for bringing it to our eyes.
This was all done for love of ferrets. These people and many others have
generously given hours and hours of their time in the fight to stop the
spread of ADV. Don't take this gift for granted, please.
::The ferrets begin stealing the depends and putting them in the wagon. The
ferret phrophet stops, turns back to you and...::
Susan, and Sonyas Jojo is ADV positive, as you know. It doesn't take an
oracle to see.... that Jojo will die. ADV kills. That is fact. Arm
yourselves with information, arm your local vets. Until a vaccine, or cure,
or adequate treatment is found, stopping the spread of this disease must be
::The oracle turns back to the wagon, fixes her robes, then takes off
straight up in the air. She hovers, the craft turns, and she takes off. The
ferrets dissapear into the mist which myseriously dissapears::


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