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Date: 2001-07-15 18:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV and surgery

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So anyway.... the issue is... she is still rather small and
seemingly in decent health but not the strongest either. So is it
possible to go ahead with an Adrenal surgery?? Is it advisable on
like this? Or does the ADV contradict it in any way?
Obviously I will have our vet evaluate her as usual, but we didn't
know if
the ADV status should be taken into consideration in any way?

Well, now. Normally my recommendation for a three to four year old
with adrenal disease is going to be surgery, barring any other
problems. ADV is a tricky complication, because it's
immunosuppressive and
causes liver and kidney problems if it's active. That would of
course be a
bar to surgery. If it's inactive, it won't affect the surgery
itself, but
you have to wonder whether the stress of surgery and recovery will
the ADV. Personally, I'd probably go the Lupron route with this
little girl.
JMO, of course.

Dr. Ruth
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