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Date: 2001-07-15 19:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: When to do Adrenal Surgery?

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I don't want to go so soon that Doc won't be able
to figure out which gland it is. I don't want to
wait so long that he starts having prostate
problems. How do I know what it's a good time.
Doc did mention they could do an ultrasound and
that would probably help but I would rather put
that money toward his surgery. Any opinions out

IMO, ultrasound is rarely all that helpful, and I agree with you,
put the
money toward the surgery. As far as the timing, not sure I can help
there, but I go in when I diagnose them. Often I can feel the
enlarged gland
at my physical exam, and I've never had any problem determining
which gland
is affected. What can happen, though, is for one gland to be
affected and the other gland to look normal in comparison, and
actually be
affected as well.

Good luck.

Dr. Ruth
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