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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-07-15 21:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] I need help with parasite I can't

When my ferrets had fleas I could see them crawling on her,
the small specs are the debris they leave behind, but the fleas
aren't too small. I actually wasn't sure at first and captured
two and put them in a jar and showed a friend that
was majoring in Entomology, who confirmed they were fleas.

Search the FHL archives using the word flea or frontline
and see if the doses are there, I get the frontline spray from
my vet and although a little messier more med for your buck
if you are treating a large group, repeat every month
to two months. I do the cat, and dogs too as a preventative.

I could copy the previous posts to forward to you, but
there are so many and such good ones that you will find
very interesting. Dr, Jerry Murray summarized all the flea
treatments very well on 3/21/01 post #1516
BTW, I love the archives it took me 5 minutes
to find the that post.


> I bought a 1 year old ferret in a pet shop, I a few day after I saw
> she was full of fleas and something else... The other thing is WAY
> bigger that a flea (the flea being a black little grain of sand), I
> can see the details of the body. Black-light brown in color, move in
> the fur when I tried to look at them. What is that thing, and how
> can
> I get rid of it?
> I tought about Advandtage and other flea treatment, but I don't want
> to make my ferret sick. Which one is OK and what is the dosage?
> Thanks a lot.
> Aristiana
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