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From: Gwen
Date: 2001-07-16 09:01:00 UTC
Subject: lost energy

I am concerned about my male!(Roman) I am not one for
vaccinations and really wasn't wanting to give them but I did!
I decided to because I had to rush my baby to the hospital one
day it turned out to be bad food thank God! I learnt a lesson
that day! Check my food! New Ferret owner! Anyways he spent
the night getting fluids and came home happy the next day!
Then I brought him and his Sister in for vaccinations his
sister(Snow) seems fine in fact she has taken over his role!
He seems depressed He had an allergic reaction to the vaccine
and I had to rush him back to the vets for a shot of Benadryl!
He is a little playful but not like he was! He will walk a
ways and then just lay down! Snow will jump on him and attack
him and he will play with her but as soon as she leaves him
alone he will walk around he's just not his jumpy attackingly
silly guy and I don't know if there is anything I can do for
him? Any suggestions?

Thanks Gwen