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From: Star
Date: 2001-07-16 13:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] lost energy

--- Gwen <gmavery@h...> wrote:
> I am concerned about my male!(Roman) I am not one
> for vaccinations and really wasn't wanting to give
> them but I did! I decided to because I had to rush
> my baby to the hospital one day it turned out to be
> bad food thank God! I learnt a lesson that day!
> Check my food! New Ferret owner! Anyways he spent
> the night getting fluids and came home happy the
> next day! Then I brought him and his Sister in for
> vaccinations his sister(Snow) seems fine in fact she
> has taken over his role! He seems depressed He had
> an allergic reaction to the vaccine and I had to
> rush him back to the vets for a shot of Benadryl! He
> is a little playful but not like he was! He will
> walk a ways and then just lay down! Snow will jump
> on him and attack him and he will play with her but
> as soon as she leaves him alone he will walk around
> he's just not his jumpy attackingly silly guy and I
> don't know if there is anything I can do for him?
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks Gwen

Was this reaction to his canine distemper shot? Was
Fervac-D used?

How long has it been since he had the vaccination and
reaction? It could be he is just stressed or drowsy
from the Benadryl. Might not be a bad idea to make a
visit to a good ferret knowledgable vet just for peace
of mind. Many vets and owners choose to medicate with
Benadryl 15-20 minutes before giving the vaccination
adn this can often prevent a reaction. It is also a
good idea to remain at the vet's office for 30-45
minutes after the shot is given in case a reaction
occurs. It is still possible for reactions to occur
after this period but not too common. If you pre-treat
him next year before his booster and he still reacts
you may talk to your vet about trying Galaxy-D or not


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