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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-07-16 16:35:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Rescue ferret medical advice

Hello fellow ferret lovers, I will try to keep this short. I
MIGHT be adopting a ferret dropped off at a boarding
facility,( I have to see if the owner is going to actually
come back for it. ) This is all I know about her: she is a 2
year old albino female(they think) . I have not seen her yet.
She lived in a 2 foot square cage, in her own feces, literally
covering the entire floor(SHAMEFUL to say the least!)They gave
her a bath, and put her in a much larger clean cage, and
bought her ferret food. I donated a tube of Nutrical to give
her too. They have to keep her the 2 weeks to see if the owner
will pick her up after her vacation(I hope not) I am going to
offer her some money for it if I have to. Anyway, here's my
question: I have 3 healthy ferrets already, and want to get
the little girl thoroughly checked out for EVERYTHING before I
introduce her to my bunch. My vet is willing to help me out on
the cost, since she will be a rescue. I need to know EXACTLY
what kinds of tests to do before I bring her in with my
others. We have already planned to test for: ADV,fecal check,
ear mites, full panel blood to check kidneys, liver, red &
white cell count, etc, and ECE. Is there anything I am
missing? I want to be absolutely sure she doesn't get my crew
sick with anything. Of course, I plan to keep her in isolation
a few weeks too. Thank you for any advice, Michele & the fur