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From: Sonya Grable
Date: 2001-07-16 18:54:00 UTC
Subject: Update: Digest 288 - URGENT!! Possibly...

I wanted to thank everyone again for their help and to let
everyone know that my friend's ferret somehow pulled
through... Thank goodness!! I received a message today that
the ferret is "coming out of it" now.

My friend was planning to post to the FML and that's why I
wrote and told X to post here. I'd already emailed another
friend from the ferret community, someone most of you know and
who *really* knows her stuff. She 'confirmed' what I
pretty-much already knew - the ferret was in shock. I sent
this info to X. I'd already written that I felt the ferret was
in shock, to (at least) give Ferret Drops or Pet Tinic if
possible, and that Dr. Williams has written that shock can
cause bleeding (which is what I thought was going on since the
ferret's nose was white).

I don't know how the ferret pulled through... I really don't.
It's a wonder it did. I'm just glad it did. My friend followed
most of the advice suggested, with the exception
(unfortunately) of going to another vet. X was against doing
so given what had recently happened (at a vet's office). X
definitely wasn't going to take the ferret back to that
office. (I know I wouldn't feel comfortable letting the same
person who had just handed my ferret over to me in the
condition my friend's was in, treat him or her again.) I,
personally, feel the ferret should have immediately been seen
by someone, but for obvious reasons, not by anyone where the
ferret had just been 'treated'.

Just thought I'd let everyone know that (somehow???) the
ferret is doing better now. Again... Thank Goodness!!