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Date: 2001-07-16 19:37:00 UTC


I currently have a very sick ferret and I am wondering whether I
should seek another doctor for second opinion. I live by Michigan
State University which has a teaching vet. hospital.

Here are his symptoms:

Age: ~6 years old
Onset: 4 days ago (7/12/01)
- severe lethargy
- diarrhea (dark, not runny, no red blood, ~3-4 times daily)
- uriniation good and clear - frequently
- loss of appitiate but still loves his ferretvite
- weakness (hind legs)
- very thirsty (probably due to diarrhea)
- light sneezing (more than usual but not enough to consider flu)
- NO eye or nasal discharge (glossy eyes)
- NO vomiting
- 2 small (pinhead size) red marks; one on roof of mouth and on side
of mouth on gum.

The doctor I seen today took an X-ray (no blood tests) and says he
sees a large mass in the abdoman. I looked at it and seen somthing
faint, large and located under the stomach and infront of the
intestines. He says it probably spread to the lymph since they
looked large (lymph nodes behind the stomach). He gave a Dx of
lymphoscarcoma and gave my ferret a steriod shot.

Should I seek another opinion? Could these symptoms be signs of
somthing that can be treated ie- Gastric ulcer or intestinal blockage?

I am really lost and can't seem to find a vet experienced in
ferrets. Michigan State Univ is expensive but I will take him there
is there is a chance that I can help my ferret.

Thank you.