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From: Gwen
Date: 2001-07-16 22:44:00 UTC
Subject: lost Energy

I was reading my post and I guess I could have said a little
more! He was vaccinated on Friday it was there 12 week shot!
Like I said I wasn't going to vaccinate them but new that if I
had a problem with them the vet would only look at them
vaccinated! We have no Ferret knowledgable vets here! I live 5
hours away from the nearest city so that makes it tough! He
did have a reaction to the vaccination and i did stay
afterwards but he didn't show any signs until I got him home!
I tried to give him benadryl but he only spit it up and threw
up what he did get down! I rushed him to the vets and he gave
him a shot of Benadryl! He hasn't been the same though! He
normally wants to play and will do side winding and he hasn't
done this I hope that it is stress cause it is smething I can
work on! I appreciate the info you have shared and if anyone
else has had a reaction like this or would like to share with
me! I would greatly appreciate it! I have had my two since the
end of May so I am new but loving it!

Thanks for listening