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From: alicia
Date: 2001-07-17 10:58:00 UTC
Subject: post adrenal is now losing hair

I'm confused about my female who just had her right adrenal
gland removed about a months ago. Her hair is growing back on
her tummy where the vet had to shave her but she is losing
massive amounts of hair. She now has short short dark hairs
in place of her long full hair. Is this normal or what?? I
don't know what to think!! Here is what happened with her
surgery. Here vulva was swollen so the vet and I decided that
exploratory surgery was best. Well, our vet did the surgery
and found a tumourus looking right adrenal, tied the gland
off, and took it out. She then looks for the left gland and
cannot find it. So, she assumes that this is a good sign and
closes her back up. Was this a bad assumption or something?
Vet sends in a biopsy and I called to the results today, as
I'm writing this, and she hasn't had a chance to look at the
results yet. I will repost results later as I'm taking our
ferret to this vet again later today. Any advice that any
vets or anyone who has been through a similar has situation is
much appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.
Alicia with Miss Miela and the ferret boys