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From: Stacey Yea
Date: 2001-07-17 09:26:00 UTC
Subject: Red Nose and Rash Type on Shouder

Hello fellow fert parents,

I would love to get some parental opinions on my boys rather different

I have made an appointment to see our vet but I thought I would ask all of
you if you had any input......there are 2x issues I am having.....when it
rains it pours....

First of all.......My youngest Lou -- panda and deaf, always seems to have
redness around his nose and mouth, it truly looks like his food has stained
it, however I find that hard to believe -- I never see him digging in his
food. There is no other symptoms or changes in eating, bathroom habits,
energy level all consistent -- nuts ;-).I try to clean it off but it is
hard considering it is around his little face, he has always liked to rub
his nose on the floor, like an anteater. Lately, It is just his pink nose
is not so pink but more a kibbel color -- , -- very odd.

Secondly, my oldest Binks 2, sable -- I noticed last week that on his
shoulder there was hair missing, it almost looked as if it was rubbed off,
-- patchy almost as if Lou and him got in rough fight, not sore looking --
again hard to believe, a couple days later I noticed it was scabby looking
-- redness/rashy like, orangy in his fur. In the past couple days it has
cleared up and has almost completely scabbed up. He has never has anything
like this before, he as well has no other symptoms -- crazy as ever. Any
advice on this would be great.

My vet is supposably very reputable but I always like to go into an app.
with more info than needed -- these are my kids!
Thank you all in advance,
Dooks, Cheers, Stacey and the boys in Ottawa Canada
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