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Date: 2001-07-17 13:14:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Crystilline Urine

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Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Crystilline Urine

Ruth, I went thru something similar with my ferret Oliver. Oliver had
adrenal surgery years ago and a few months ago Oliver was unable to pee.
Long story short, thought it was a bladder infection but after many meds and
tests etc. found out Oliver was in kidney failure and had anemia. I was told
this was probably due in part to an adrenal problem whether it was from the
previous surgery or a new problem. No one expected Oliver to be around
today but I can say with a lot of happiness that Oliver is doing well, runs
and chrips every morning attacking his 6 brothers and sisters. Oliver has
had to be expressed due to bladder blockage 3 times but the last one 3+
weeks ago. It is very important that Oliver get a lot of fluids to ensure no
blockages so this is his routine daily; food consists of a mixture of wet
and dry modified diet (for renal failure), a little a/d and h20. When I feed
oliver (via syringe, no force, loves it and will eat as much as you will
give) I add 20+ cc's of h20 everytime he gets fed (4-5 dailly) ,again to
make sure he gets enough fluids. Med's include pred .3 daily, flutimide for
prostate enlargement, cepha drops, derma caps liquid, joint saver, metamucil
and zantac for nausea. You may also want to go to the archives and look for
kidney info, I found it very helpful, good luck, deidre
My ferret, Fritter had a bladder failure yesterday. His bladder was
full, golf ball sized, and he could not urinate. Two months ago, he
had a right adrenla - ectomy and a small muscular tumor was removed.
All histopatology reports and blood work ups showed he was all right.
After anesthesia, he could not be expressed. Then, the catheter
failed, apparently the blockage was too great. A rectal flushing also
failed. Finally, Dr. Merrit went in on his side, flushed out his
bladder and pushed a stream out his urethra.
I will not know if he can go by himself til tomorrow or if he will
make it til tomorrow.
I want to know what you all think and how long before we know how
much damage his kidneys have sustained.

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