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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-17 17:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: giardia

<She stated that it's most likely that we tracked
Giardia into our home on
our feet. Dr. Williams or other vets, is this
correct? That we can simply walk into a grocery
store and then bring it home on our shoes? <

I'm no vet but I'm pretty positive that giardia
cannot be spread this way. It is normally from
contaminated water; i.e. fishbowl, pond, etc. and
is spread by fecal/oral contact. I have had
wildlife babies with this and it usually stinks to
high heaven also. Of course, that's exaggerated
by the fact that the babies are usually on heat

Giardia is not exclusively a cat ailment. Any
mammals can get it, including us.