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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-17 23:53:00 UTC
Subject: Warp update; love Bob's skeletal posts

Ah, just had some reminders why I so enjoy this list and the folks on
it. No bickering, loads and loads of help given others, folks open
to learning, chances to learn. At the end of each day I wonder what
treasures people will add the next day, rather than ever wanting a

Had some very kind people ask about seven year old Warp. The
prednisone is turning out to agree very well with her multiple health
problems and we have not encountered any of the downsides that would
have been possible with her, eps. since antibiotics were added for
that mouth cut. She is not overeating at individual meals so her
small intestine (which is friable and damaged from an unknown cause
thought to be a possible auto-immune disorder) isn't endangered, and
she is eating more meals and is more active, so can see and feel a
desired increase in weight and physical abilities so far. Except when
she is actually getting the meds she is behaving as a much happier

I have been greatly enjoying Bob's skeletal posts. Many thanks, Bob!
Am looking forward to skull and dentition. I really, really think
that the content in these should be a part of a text that is readily
available, such as a vet text or a next edition of a major ferret