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From: Nicole Hilliard
Date: 2001-07-17 23:38:00 UTC
Subject: help - something weird is going on with Ozzie

Hi. My male ferret, Oz, appears to be having seizures. This
came out of nowhere. He has been healthy and has given no
indication by his eating, pooping, or behaviour that anything
is wrong with him. Both yesterday and today he seized - it
looked as if his bottom was still but the top half of him was
thrashing around... spit was flying from his mouth... his eyes
were bulging. The seizure happened for maybe 5 - 10 seconds at
the most. It was the longest 10 seconds of my life.

Earlier today, one of his eye's was almost swollen shut - no
idea why but the swelling and liquid discharge went away
within an hour. His eyes have always been a bit runny; the vet
said he probably has allergies as it has never caused him
problems before.

I got a vet appointment for Thursday morning. I'm going to try
to get in earlier. The only ferret-knowledgeable vet is about
40 minutes from me, in King City, Ontario, Canada. Luckily
though, both Dr. Sourby and Dr. Kelton are very experienced
with ferrets.

After Ozzie stopped thrashing around, he laid in the speedbump
position for a couple of minutes. Eventually, he was back to
running around and playing this evening. I was holding him
both times he started seizing. He didn't make any crying
noises at all.

Last fall, Ozzie had a complete blood workup done and xrays.
The vets couldn't find anything wrong with him at all. Except
for his unique ability to snore. We were so worried that he
had breathing problems and all he does is snore. I hope this
turns out to be as minor as our last scare. Boy... they really
keep us on our toes don't they.

If anyone has any ideas or can give me advice on what I should
do if the seizure lasts longer or tips to bring him out of the
daze faster, I would really appreciate it.


Nicole and Oz, Summer, & ScruffyHead