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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-02 17:04:00 UTC
Subject: Bruce's post on when to not fast

Thanks much :-) for this timely opportunity to remind folks to not
forget to check past Ferret Health List Issues for answers, too! For

>In Ferret Health List Issue 17, a discussion of when to fast or not
>fast for blood sugar tests:
> Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:30:36 -0000
> From: "Dr. Bruce Williams" <williams@e...>
>Subject: Re: Checking Blood Glucose Level
>That would depend on whether this is a routine screen or if your
>ferret has already shown signs of insulinoma.
>As a general rule, it is not terribly helpful to bring a ferret in
>right after they have eaten - at this time the glucose is at its
>highest levels and the measured levels may not be representative of
>what it truly going on.
>If the ferret has recently shown signs of hypoglycemia, such as
>trances, drooling, difficulty walking, etc., I discourage doing a
>fasting blood glucose test. By purposely withholding food, we may
>precipitate a hypoglycemic attack. Usually, when an animal is
>showing clinical signglucose , the blood level will show up as low
>(<60)on a routine screen.
>My recommendations for fasting blood glucoses are generally limited
>to those who register as borderline (60 - 80) on a routine screen, or
>rechecks on animals who have previously had insulinoma, but no
>clinical signs since surgery. A fasting blood glucose facilitates
>early detection of insulinoma recurrence in these animals.
>Anytime that a blood glucose level dips below 60 g/dl, regardless of
>whether it is a routine screen or a fasting test, insulinoma should
>be strongly considered. If clinical signs of hypoglycemia are
>present as well, then your diagnosis is clear.
>With kindest regards,
>Bruce Williams, dVM
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At 6:45 PM +0000 3/2/01, wrote:
>1. Should a ferret suspected of insulinoma have a fasting blood sugar test,
>and how long should he fast for? (I think there was a post on the FML
>regarding this in Feb, but it's not archived yet.)