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From: Angela
Date: 2001-07-18 09:10:00 UTC
Subject: Health Questions...My Buddy Glacier


I'm brand new to this list, but am subscribed to both the FOB
and the FML. I need some advice on some problems my buddy Glacier is
having. I feel I need to tell you a little about him...some that may
or may not have anything to do with his health problems.
First of all, Glacier is a DEW, he is deaf, and possibly has
some vision problems(may be due to age?)too. We are not sure of his
age, because he joined our family when a friend of mine found him
wandering her neighborhood. The day she brought him to us, when she
got home, her husband had found yet another ferret walking across the
yard. He was identical to Glacier and we feel they had to have been
together(from the same home), possibly even littermates. The second
ferret became a part of my friend who found them family. Glacier has
been with us for almost 3 years. Basically all his life has consisted
of is eating, sleeping, and pooping. He has never been playful with
our other ferts(which was just one other until a few weeks ago:-),
but is never really grumpy or anything towards them either.
Glacier was a BIG boy! About 4 1/2- 5 lbs. when he was
healthy. Over the past 6 months or so his weight was dropping slowly,
first not really noticeably until the past couple of months, and now
he is down to almost skin and bones. Then starting with the tip of
his tail was having some hair thinning. So for about two months it
has thinned on his tail pretty significantly and around his hips now
recently.(Due to springtime shedding?Old age?)He also seems to have
maybe weakened back legs? They kinda slide out from under him to each
side on the linoleum...but he's always been kindof a clumsy
mover.Other than the weight loss and thinning hair, he is perfectly
normal looking and acting. The hair he does have looks healthy,he
eats, sleeps, and poops normally.
About 4 months ago the friend that had found Glacier, and kept
the other ferret told me that theirs(Slinky) had done the same thing.
Weight and hair loss, and that they had to finally put him to sleep.
He had what they think was a stroke. The vet said it was basically
old age.
Glacier last went to the vet a few weeks ago. Vet(same one as
Slinky's), feels it is old age. We did no testing on him so far for
anything. He felt that if it were adrenal disease that he'd be too
old and frail to withstand surgery. He asked if he was having trouble
eating his normal dry food, and I agreed to keep an close eye on
that, which it does seem a little like he may be. Vet said he may
have to go to a Eukanuba,canned,specially formulated food,(He told me
the name...can't remember, or moisten what he currently eats.
Anyway, I'm wondering if we should be testing for something
else? It just seems weird that he'd be just wasting away like he is.
Take in mind he is the only elderly ferret I've ever owned, so I
really do not know what to expect. If it is old age...I'm struggling
with when it would be time to help him to go. To me it seems he is in
no pain, but he looks so skinny and sickly. Could there be another
underlying problem we need to check for that could be causing these
symptoms? Is this what to expect in an elderly fert? If he is just
<getting old>, I do not want to subject him to any unnecessary
prodding and testing.
Thank you in advance for any and all comments, suggestions,or

Concerned FertMom>Angela
and the north GA fuzzbutts Rocky,Glacier,Diva,Foxy,and Calvin