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From: Suzi
Date: 2001-07-18 11:22:00 UTC
Subject: Isolating new ferrets

Hello there,
I was wondering how long a new ferret, (both kit and adult), should
be kept separated from the rest of the ferret household? I worry
about communicable diseases spreading to other ferrets. Is there a
specific test for ECE or other viruses, diseases, ect? I would never
allow another ferret home without vaccines and a check up at the vets
first. Also if cages were kept side by side, so they could start to
get used to each other, would this be risky? I hope to some day add
to my ferret family and I am going over some pontential issues in my
Also, there is a ferret show coming up in my area soon, " Thirteenth
Annual Greatest Ferret Show on Earth", and I am considering bringing
my ferrets.I have never been to any ferret shows before and I'm not
sure what to expect. Has any one had any problems at a ferret show
regarding the spreading of viruses, diseases, ect? Can a ferret carry
ECE and not show any symptoms? I guess no matter how carefull you are
there are always risks. But I would like to be well informed and
possibly minimize any risks though. Being fairly new to ferrets I
have much to learn yet and would appreciate some feedback.
thank you so much,
Suzi and Cheech, Chong and Goose