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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-03-02 17:48:00 UTC
Subject: List Discussions (Was Re: THANK YOU, THANK YOU)

One thing that I do want to point out as this list continues to grow
with more professionals and acknowledged experts:

Civilized discussion and the polite expression of differing opinions
is not only going to occur between individuals on this list, but is a
REQUIREMENT. This list is all-inclusive and was not created to
express only one point of view.

I would hope that the other vets and professionals on the list would
from time to time express opposing viewpoints to mine as the time and
need arise. This is not a bully pulpit for a chosen few, but a place
where we can freely exchange our ideas for the sake of everyone.

The moderators, myself included are going out to find people with
recognized expertise in various areas to help with many of the issues
on the list. In the last several days, we have seen experts in
pharmacy, behavior, nutrition, and genetics sign in, and more are on
the way. We are hopeful to bring all of the big names in the ferret
community, both professional and lay to the FHL, and to make them
feel welcome enough to stay and share their knowledge with us.

FHL members should not view differing opinions as a sign of
dissension or discord - but rather as the sign of a healthy and
prosperous group. For any vets currently on the list, I am hopeful
that you will not see the list as "mine" or hesitate to contradict me
when my comments do not reflect your experience. Your "piping up" is
valuable to everyone, and especially to me.

I would publicly like to applaud the efforts of Chris, Sukie, and
Mike at this point - a list like this is a significant amount of
work. We should appreciate not only their administrative and
diplomatic skills, but also notice the terrific job that they are
doing with the medical stuff - I have all the faith in the world in
them, and in many of our other listmembers. As I have said before, I
know a thousand vets who wouldn't know half as they do. At the
current level of posting, these is no way that I can get to all of
the questions. But I know that many others on this list will be able
to handle most of them with dispatch and with a knowledge of medicine
that I continually marvel at.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM
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--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Kris/Ski" <Ski2135@a...> wrote:
> Christopher~ I want to thank you for creating this group, it is so
> helpful, and so needed!
> I also want to thank everyone who gives input on behavioral,
> ferrity questions. I just love my kids, and have so many questions
> about why they do the quirky things they do. I also enjoy learning
> about medical facts, conditions, and experiences that others have
> with their ferrets, so therefore I can use this information to help
> meet my ferrets needs.
> I appreciate the people here that take time out of their days to
> volunteer to answer our questions, and those who volunteer simular
> situations thay they have with their ferrets.
> I just have to say "thanks" to all!
> Kris & the Kids