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Date: 2001-07-18 16:58:00 UTC
Subject: Turlock's blood work--calcium & protein?

Hi all,
Turlock is 4, and we did some bloodwork when he had a mast cell tumor
removed last week. Blood sugar & the rest looked good. The only
things found were calcium a bit low (7.5) and protein low at 4.9
(albumin was 2.7). He gets the chicken gravy every morning, and
Totally Ferret with some Iams'kitten mixed in is available all the
time. He is my biggest chicken fan, and I know he waits for that for
breakfast--I said all that to say that I know he gets alot of his
nutrition from the chicken gravy every day.
I was thinking of putting more of the ferretvite or nutrical in, but
I really wanted to get away from that altogether (sugar). I had also
considered alternating the chicken gravy every other day, so he/they
would have to eat more ferret chow--but the closer we can get to the
natural diet, the better, no?
Question: is this dietary? Is it low enough that I should worry? What
can I do to get his numbers up? Maybe for him it is not much of a
problem at 4, but I am concerned that the diet could be deficient for
the growing youngsters also.
how can I get them more calcium and protein? Should I be worried from
just this one test? Thanks very much everyone!

Turlock, Stasi, Boo, Elvis, TashiDelek and Titanic