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Date: 2001-07-18 18:58:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal

I am posing this more as a question. I have just read a post about
adrenal and have heard over and over again that if a vet goes in for
adrenal when they are unsure which adrenal gland is affected to take
out the left. When my ferret, Hemingway was 1 yr old he was showing
definite signs of adrenal so surgery was performed. When my vet went
in both glands were almost identical, he does these surgeries all the
time and I have never seen him wrong with them, as all adrenal glands
are sent off after removed. This time he ended up biopsing before
removing the gland and yes it was more expensive as we had to go in a
second time, but I am eternally greatful as it was Hemingway's right
adrenal. My vet removed it and Hemingway never had a reoccurence for
the rest of his life. Why would biopsing not be done instead of
autimatically removing the left gland? I do understand that the left
is more often affected, if I am remembering what I have read
properly, but on the oft chance that it is the right would it not be
This is partly out of curiosity and also for the future, as this is
one disease I am sure that I will deal with again as it seems to come
with the territory when owning ferrets.
Thank you,
Steph and Mikey