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Date: 2001-07-18 20:18:00 UTC
Subject: ECE???

I have a four year old ferret. I have had him for two years and I
recently adopted two new ferret approx. 6 and 18 mos of age. The new
ferrets are being quarantined at my mom's house but I play with them
everyday. My original ferret has recently become quite ill over the
last 24 hours. He has green slimey diarrhea and has started vomiting
today (twice). He does not want to eat, I have been force feeding
him Hills a/d and am now trying gerbers baby food chicken flavor. He
does not like for me to make him eat. My vet has prescribed
amoxicillin liquid 0.50ml bid, and we are giving subcutaneous fluids
twice daily also. He received about 75-100ml today and about 25ml
last night. I am very worried. He seems to be very nauseated and I
hate to force him to eat. Last night I got him to take about 12mls
of a/d and today I fed him around 15mls before he began vomiting and
about 2mls since he vomited the first time. He began vomiting or
spitting up when I tried to feed him the last time about an hour I stopped. Should I continue to make him eat or offer
pedialyte or what? I am so very worried, please help me.

Thanks, Erica