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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-07-19 08:51:00 UTC
Subject: pee problem

i have a 6 1/2 yr. old MF Patterned white male ferret.
he has had a prostate problem [frequent peeing...dribbling on
himself...cloudy pee] off and on for a long time...we treated it with
Clavamox till we could get him adrenal surgery.
he has surgery on April 24, 2001. the vet removed Pye's left adrenal...and
said the right was slightly enlarged...but not enough to risk it....also
stating that Pye's was the largest prostate he had ever seen...
we had hoped that this surgery would relieve Pye;s prostate problem...
we gave it did not seem to help..and i was bathing Pye's lower
half several times a day...which he did not appreciate...
so asked his regular vet for the Clavamox again...hoping this would clear
it up...which it did while we were giving it to him...[for 2 weeks]
now...a few days since the end of the clavamox..he is dribbling on himself
again...[or not peeing strongly enough to pee away from his body] and
still "leaks" when standing in one place [like to eat]...

i don't remember the results of the last urinalysis done on him...but he
DID have one was before his surgery tho...

does anyone have any suggestions?

i don't imagine it is good to KEEP him on clavamox permanently...and the
only way i can get him to take it is to disguise it in duck soup...which
is not a problem...i don't mind doing that...
he does pee better while on it...but can't imagine the medicine would be
good long term for him...right?

he eats and drinks just fine...

thanks for any help...

and "Bill S"...[you know who you are...;-)]...look for any responses to


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