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From: Connie
Date: 2001-07-20 08:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Florian / difficult right adrenal
-- happy update

In order to get his meds in his little body a bit
easier, try putting it in a small amount of warmed
Gerber Turkey and Gravy food. My little guy thinks
its a treat he gets twice a day.
connie and the fur babies.
Pharoah, Pasha, Pooh Bear and Shylair

--- "Alicia D. Beth" <alicia@b...> wrote:
> Hello again to all ferret enthusiasts! And thanks
> to all concerned list
> members who responded on- and off-list with ideas,
> suggestions, and vet
> recommendations for Florian, our 3-year-old with a
> right adrenal tumor
> invading his vena cava.
> I am happy to report that Florian underwent
> traditional surgery to remove
> the tumor Tuesday, 7/17, and is doing well. As the
> 48-hour post-operative
> mark is just 30 minutes away, I think he might be
> out of the woods! One
> recommendation from a list member for a surgeon in
> Austin supported our
> vet's referral (whose name I didn't even mention in
> my original post), so
> this made us much more comfortable with the original
> referral. As we
> didn't want to delay care while researching the
> other recommendations
> (Thanks so much to all who responded -- We got
> recommendations for vets in
> Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc.), we went ahead
> and made an appointment
> with the local referral (Dr. Stephen Kerpsack at
> Central Texas Veterinary
> Specialty Hospital).
> Dr. Kerpsack saw Florian last Friday for an initial
> consultation, and on
> Tuesday, completely removed his right adrenal and
> tumor. He was able to
> remove all of the tumor that he saw, including the
> portion that was
> invading the vena cava. Because he had to remove a
> portion of the vena
> cava, there was considerable blood loss, but Florian
> bounced back fairly
> quickly. In fact, because he will be confined to
> his cage for a few days,
> yesterday, when we got him home, we took the ladder
> out of our 3-story
> cage, so that Florian would not go up to the 2nd or
> 3rd story and risk
> falling. Florian has never been a climber (EVER --
> even before the adrenal
> symptoms started showing up), but I went in a few
> hours after he'd gotten
> home, and he was up in his hammock on the 3rd story.
> Don't ask me how -- I
> took in Florian and got back a superferret!
> Needless to say, we put the
> ladder back -- better to have him walking up to the
> 3rd story, if he's
> going to do that, than to have him climbing up the
> cage.
> So... aside from a nasty abdominal wound, some bad
> bruising, and .25 mL
> Clavamox drops twice a day (which he HATES), he's
> doing well. Our other
> two ferrets are super hyper, so Florian is isolated
> right now (with
> occasional well-wishes from his sisters). I'm sure
> that when he is
> completely reunited with Gretel and Galadriel, he'll
> be back to normal.
> Again, thanks so much for all the responses to our
> post and for all the
> great on-list discussion of similar problems and
> situations. So helpful!
> Alicia, Bradley, and Kieran Beth
> (and Florian, Gretel, and Galadriel)

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